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"When you imagine something, then you consider possibly or probably something from certain signs, but without being absolutely sure, according to the definition in the dictionary. When you meet Silvana, you simply confirm that  what the dictionary says it is true. 

From the first time I contacted her until I told Silvana my "crazy idea" of making a book for someone I admire as a fan, I knew I was right. So quickly she caught my idea, that she seemed to be inside my head and my thoughts. The connection was immediate. And the book I imagined looked so nice that my idol kept the two copies I made.

Thank you, Silvana :-) "

Griselda A. (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

"The book was a success! Richard showed it to a lot of people. Besides, mini books were made to offer to the main sponsor as a year-end gift, and to present the sailboat to other sponsors who would help us keep winning races.

It is a wonderful gift! especially for someone who practices a sport! it is ideal for sailors! There are many photos of racing and many vivid memories lived with passion! Thanks Sil"

Mercedes M. (Hendaye, France)

“Silvana, please let me thank you for the work done, which is a beautiful testimony that I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy while living "

Eduardo Becher – Founding partner at BDO Argentina

“When we though a present for Eduardo to symbolize his extraordinary years as head of our firm, we could not find any gift that would be special, nice and memorable ... until we met Silvana. "Imagina tu Libro" fulfilled everything we wanted and more ... Not only this is a unique gift, but all the love, compassion and professionalism set by Silvana made us realize that we had made an excellent choice.
I highly recommend "Imagina tu Libro" to celebrate all those special moments in life."

Diego Lo Tártaro – Director BDO Argentina


"I had the instinct to rely on a book project for the 90th anniversary of my grandmother to Silvana and the result was absolutely fabulous!
With a lot of creativity, Silvana quickly captured what we wanted and knew how to present us both original proposals and in the spirit we had in mind.
Silvana was very effective and very patient to coordinate information and comments from each of my brothers, my parents and mine! In a very short time!
It was really a pleasure to work with Silvana who was always available and constructive.
The result exceeded our expectations. My grandmother was delighted! It is the cutest gift she ever received. I recommend working with Silvana! You will not be disappointed!

Karinne C. (London, England)

"Working with Silvana has been very special. As I was sending her pictures, texts and I told her about our family, a stream of complicity and harmony was being established between us, which allowed that the book she created for us really reflects a very important part of our lives.
For me and my children it was a pleasure working with you Silvana.
And to Álvaro, the real star, I will say that he was surprised and very happy. Thank you. "

Sharon C. (Madrid, Spain)

“Impressive and exciting book... no doubt, it was the best birthday gift of my life, thank you very much! 

Mariano C. (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

"One of the greatest gifts of my 40 years ... best gift worth!"

Iñigo S. (Madrid, Spain)