about me

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I was born in Argentina, I lived in France, Germany and Spain.
I'm currently back in Buenos Aires.

I have over 15 years of experience in the business world, always working in the communication field: internal & external communications, events organization, openings, marketing ... in multinational and multicultural companies.

And as my route in life took me to different countries, the highways of work lead me to different adventures.
I choose then to set up a company that lets me create and design customized books, because it brings everything I love ...
Through my communications expertise and  ability to express one's vision on paper, I added a touch of design to the project.
I greatly enjoy the mixed emotions generated as a result of the creative process of customizing a book
And, above all ... this adventure lets me keep learning.

I hope I can help you imagine this special and unique book... your book!

Silvana Mauro

@ work!

@ work!